Having worked for 35 years at Teed Tools & DIY Salisbury, I was made redundant when it closed down in May 2013. I felt there was still a market for some of the services we offered such as the cutting of timber to specific sizes. I started Cuz's Custom Made in June 2013 having found a small workshop on the outskirts of Saliisbury on Cherry Orchard Lane.


I will cut timber to your requirements for a project you are undertaking or I can take on bespoke carpentry jobs if you do not have the time or the knowledge to do it yourself. Below are a few examples of my previous projects. Please visit my portfolio for more or contact us to discuss any services you may require.

Bowie knife storage case with individual comparments

Wrist watch storage unit with individual compartments and pull out sections.

Fitted wardrobe within room alcove.


I needed some wooden fittings made for the shop, way beyond my capabilities. Alan had been recommended to me so I took a trip to his workshop and discussed what was needed. Alan politely suggested an improvement to my designs, and in a short space of time produced exactly what I needed. I had braced myself for a shock when I opened the bill, but it was a pleasant one. I was expecting it to be far more, so overall great customer service, fast, polite, and inexpensive. In this day and age it is hard to find customer service of any quality: dealing with 'The Cuz' was a breath of fresh air. Highly recommended for any bespoke projects. Thank you, Alan. Marc Eidlestein Owner, Lenny Roberts Antiques